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A Public Message from TVA

More typical early summer temperatures have filtered into the region, reducing peak power demands and ending a nearly two-week stretch of record-breaking performance by TVA’s reliable and resilient public power system.
On Thursday, June 23, power demand peaked at 29,677 megawatts, more than 1,000 megawatts less than Wednesday’s peak.
So far this month, the early summer heat wave has produced six 30,000+ megawatt demand days, all safely supplied by the combined team of TVA and local power company personnel: 

  • Monday, June 13 - 31,311 megawatts, the 2nd highest June power demand in TVA’s history
  • Tuesday, June 14 – 30,072 megawatts, the 11th highest power demand for June on record and the first time we’ve had back-to-back 30,000+ megawatts days in June since 2012.
  • Wednesday, June 15 – 30,784 megawatts, the 4th highest June power demand on record.
  • Thursday, June 16 – 31,615 megawatts, a new all-time record demand for the month of June, the first time we’ve experienced two 31,000+ megawatts days in June and setting a new record for the most consecutive 30,000+ megawatt demand days in June.
  • Tuesday, June 21 – 30,414 megawatts, the 9th highest June power demand on record.
  • Wednesday, June 22 – 30,723 megawatts, the 7th highest June power demand on record.

TVA builds margins into our system planning to help ensure the power grid remains stable and secure during high demand periods, even with the increased load and economic growth seen in the pandemic recovery.
Even with slightly cooler temperatures, summer power usage can still create higher power bills so, to help save money, we continue to encourage consumers and businesses to join TVA and local power companies in managing their usage, especially during peak demand hours of 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. local time.
There are some simple ways to help reduce power use without significantly impacting your comfort:

  • Turn your thermostat up just one degree and use fans to circulate air.
  • Close window coverings on the sunny side of your home or office.
  • If possible, avoid using ovens, dishwashers, clothes dryers and other appliances that generate heat in your home until later in the evening or early in the morning.

We can expect more high temperatures this summer, so TVA and local power company teams will remain focused on ensuring your electricity remains reliable during these extreme conditions.

Check out some simple energy-saving tips for every room in your home by visiting https://energyright.com/residential/education-advice/

alabama 811

Know What's Below. Call Before You Dig.

It's Free & It's the Law

Before you begin any work, including construction, you should always check your local and state laws, regulations, and guidelines, as well as federal standards. The Code of Alabama requires all persons, including homeowners, responsible for digging, excavating, or blasting must provide at least two business days advance notice to the owners of any underground facilities in the area.

*The two working days notice does not include the day of the notification request.

Notification to Franklin Electric Cooperative can be made by calling 811 from anywhere in Alabama or 800-292-8525 from outside of the state of Alabama. Your request can also be made online by visiting the Homeowner Locate Request Portal.

You will be asked to provide necessary information pertaining to your project and location.

For more information on Alabama 811, visit their website www.al811.com

“The 811 Logo is a registered trademark of the Common Ground Alliance.”