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Franklin Electric Cooperative, TVA Provide Free Online Solar Energy Education for Residential Customers

Franklin Electric Cooperative announced they will provide a free online educational resource for residential customers interested in a home solar system or other renewable energy programs. Virtual Solar Education was developed by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in coordination with local power companies and solar industry groups. It’s a one-stop, self-service platform that allows users to learn about solar energy and residential solar systems at their own pace and convenience.

 “We are getting more questions about solar energy from our residential customers,” said Mark Stockton, Franklin Electric Cooperative, Manager. “There are a lot of too-good-to-be-true solar offers out there, and this tool gives our customers the resources to make an informed choice when selecting an installer for a home solar system.”

With Virtual Solar Education, users will learn about: common myths related to solar cost and generation; questions to ask solar installers before signing a contract; how to calculate the true cost of a solar system; and TVA Green solar programs.

“We are excited to offer the Virtual Solar Education platform in partnership with our Local Power Company partners,” said Laura Duncan, TVA manager, Originations & Renewables Support. “It is a convenient way for Valley residents to learn about the renewable energy resources available through their trusted energy advisors, TVA and Franklin Electric Cooperative.”

Access the Virtual Solar Education at